Big-Money Bargains Year-Round

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Get the best prices on big-ticket items by shopping at the right time.

Even shopping has a season. Learn the best times to buy these items throughout the year.

Appliances: September and holiday weekends. In the fall, new models are coming into showrooms, so older models are discounted. Appliances are nearly always part of holiday weekend sales year-round, including minor holidays like Columbus Day.

Boats: March. Boat show season has ended, so prices come down.

Cars: September. New models arrive in the fall. Dealers need to make room, so they discount the current year’s models from Labor Day weekend through the rest of the month.

Digital cameras: February. Look for discounts on the previous year’s cameras when the newest models come out after trade-show season.

Furniture: January and February. It’s a slow time of year for big purchases, so furniture makers offer incentives.

Grills and air conditioners: January and February. It’s off-season and new models aren’t likely to be dramatically improved. You’ll also find end-of-season deals after July 4 and into August.

Laptops: April and August or September. New models are introduced in the spring, so prices drop on existing models. August and September are filled with back-to-school deals.

Lawn mowers and other yard gear: August and September. This is the end of the season for these products.

Outdoor furniture: July and August. Retailers need to clean out inventory before the change of seasons. You might also find early-season discounts in May.

Snow removal equipment: August and September. Save on winter gear before you need it.

Sporting goods and bicycles: January. For many parts of the country, it’s off-season for these goods. Treadmills and other indoor gym equipment are also on sale, thanks to New Year’s resolutions.

Televisions: November, December and early February. Big electronics are on sale around the holidays and in the run-up to the Super Bowl. Look for HDTV and home theater discounts in January, too.

Toys: October and November. Stores offer discounts to kick-start the holiday buying season.
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