3 Ways to Protect Special Vehicles

Man on motorcycle

Nationwide covers more than cars—and that can help you save.

As you review your insurance policies for day-to-day things, like your trusty car and your home, it’s wise to look at recreational equipment that also needs coverage. Often, these are items you may only use for part of the year. Here are some ways Nationwide can help:

  1. Motorcycle, ATV and scooter coverage. Whether you ride for fun or collect bikes and trikes, Nationwide motorcycle policies can cover your equipment in case of collision, theft, vandalism and damage caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers. Policies are also available specifically for ATVs and scooters.You may be able to save with discounts for the completion of an approved safety course, membership in some rider associations, insuring multiple vehicles and combining your motorcycle, ATV or scooter policy with other Nationwide policies.
  2. Boat and personal watercraft coverage. Nationwide can insure 95 percent of all pleasure boats, including bass boats and ski boats, both on the water and on the road, with a variety of policy options to suit your specific situation. Liability boat insurance, in case you’re found at fault in a covered accident, can include payment for bodily injury, damaged property and the cost of defending claims against you.Discounts are available for boat policies, too. In addition to multiple-boat, multiple-policy and safety course discounts, you may be able to earn a discount by using diesel fuel or by being a claim-free boater.
  3. RV coverage. Nothing brings to mind a picture of vacation like a few days on the road in an RV, especially since an RV really is your home away from home. Nationwide offers such coverage as collision, property damage, theft, vandalism, Roadside Assistance, towing and labor and even vacation liability.In addition to safety course, association membership, multiple-vehicle and multiple-policy discounts, you may be able to save if you have installed certain safety accessories on your RV.
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