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Life comes at you fast! Be sure to be prepared for the happenings in life. One in six drivers here in Georgia either don’t have insurance or they don’t have enough insurance. Don’t leave your life up to chance! Trust in Nationwide to safeguard your future and be there for you when life happens!


Vanishing Deductible: Our Vanishing Deductible is unique in that it covers two important aspects that will benefit you! The first part of the Vanishing Deductible is that the day you sign up, your comprehensive and collision deductibles will drop by $100. Each year that you go without an accident, then your deductibles will drop another $100; year after year until – POOF! It vanishes!
The second part of this coverage is that if you total your car, then you won’t owe your deductible. Yes, your deductible is still due even if you have a total loss! With the Vanishing Deductible, you won’t have to worry! All you will need to do is find yourself a new car!

Accident and Minor Violation Forgiveness: For the Accident Forgiveness option, every 3 years you will be forgiven for any one accident that you cause. Your insurance rates will not increase due to the accident which saves you big money in the long run!
Minor Violation Forgiveness forgives you for one moving violation every 3 years! We know that you are a safe driver but everyone needs a little forgiveness sometimes!

Rental Reimbursement: If you are in an accident and it is a covered loss then you may receive a rental car if you select this coverage. You must also have Collision coverage on your auto insurance policy as well. Don’t take the bus! Let us help you rent a car instead!

Medical Payments: If you are injured in, on or around your car, no matter who is at fault, then you will receive medical payments based on the coverage amount that you select on your auto insurance policy. There is no deductible and it covers everyone in your car!

Roadside Assistance: We have an amazing Roadside Assistance package. Think AAA… but only $20 per year! My favorite part of this package is if your car breaks down and leaves you stranded, you will receive up to $500 to resume your trip. You can use this on food, lodging, or even to get yourself another car. GPS not working…need turn-by-turn directions? No problem, give us a call at 1-800-421-3535 for assistance. Click here for more Roadside Assistance Benefits.

Liability: This portion of your policy covers other people if you happen to cause an accident. You choose liability limits based on your needs and budget. Let’s use $100,000/$300,000/$100,000 split liability limits as an example. Let’s break this down::

Bodily Injury. The first $100,000/$300,000 if for bodily injury that you cause to others. This amount can increase based on your budget and needs. It means that each person injured in the other person’s car that you hit will receive up to $10,000 but not more than $300,000 per accident. If there is one person in the car, that person would get up to $100,000, if there are two people in the car, then each person would get $100,000. If there are four or more in the car, then all parties would have to split the allotted $300,000 limit.

Property Damage. The last $100,000 is for property damage. If you cause damage to the other person’s car, then we would pay up to $100,000 in property damage per accident. Your Insurance gent will provide you with a consultation based on your needs and current situation. Get an On Your Side Review today by calling 404-236-0291!

Comprehensive and Collision: Comprehensive and Collision covers your car if you are in an accident or cause a loss. Collision is just as what it sounds; if you collide with or hit something then this portion of your coverage would cover the repairs needed for your car.

Comprehensive is everything that is not collision. For example, if something falls on your car, if someone eggs your car, if something is stolen from your car then this part of your coverage would cover the repairs to your car. Comprehensive and Collision coverages both have deductibles. Generally the average is $500 per accident. Depending on your budget, these deductibles can go up or down!

Uninsured/Under-insured Motorist Coverage: Unfortunately, not everyone is as responsible as you! One in six drivers here in Georgia does not have coverage or they do not have enough coverage. If someone hits your car in a hit and run or damages your car in a parking lot while you are shopping, then this coverage would kick in to cover your repairs. The same liability limits above would be available for you in this case $100,000/$300,000/$100,000 with a $250 deductible. Ask your Agent about the importance of having this coverage on your auto policy.

Gap or New Car Replacement Coverage: If your car is totaled in an accident, your auto insurance will give you the actual cash value based on what your car is currently worth, not what you paid for or how much you owe on it! Without this coverage, you may be exposing yourself to paying for a loan after your car is gone! That’s where Gap coverage comes in! If you currently have a newer car that is 5 years or younger, then this coverage may pay the difference between the balance of your loan and what your insurance company will pay for your total loss. As you can see, this is an important coverage to have! Contact your Agent for more information!


Good Student Discount: If you are 24 or younger and a student with a 3.0 GPA or higher then you can get a Good Student Discount! Please submit proof of your current grades when asking for this discount.

Discount based on Age: How old you are equates to your driving experience.  This driving experience is what gives you the discount… based on your age. If you are 25 or older, you can save on your premium.

Accident Free Discount: The longer you are accident-free, the more of a discount you will receive. We pride ourselves in having a group of Members who are excellent drivers. Our selection of Members who are safe drivers keeps our auto insurance rates low for everyone!

Defensive Driver Course Discount: If you take a Defensive Driver Course then you can receive a discount! Defensive Driver Courses can be taken online with an average cost of $30 and they last for three years. Provide us with your certificate of completion and we will provide you with this discount!

Home/Car Discount: There are actually two home/car discounts. One for your auto insurance policy and then another for your home insurance. Home Insurance can also include our Renter’s Insurance policy. When you bundle, you save!

Life Insurance Discount: Get a discount when you have a Life Insurance product with Nationwide. We have a wide range of Life Insurance products to choose from. Get A Quote for Life Insurance Today. Insurance for what’s most important — You!

Advanced Quote Discount: We give our prospective Members an 8-day advanced quote discount. It gives our Members more money off while giving them a chance to switch carriers.

Easy-Pay Sign-Up Discount: This is a one-time $30 off discount that you will receive if you sign up for paperless billing and EFT premium draft from your checking account.

Convenience Fee Waiver Discount: If you have your premium drafted from your checking account each month, you save an additional $60 per year because we will waive the convenience fee from your billing account! This does not count if you use a credit card to automatically pay your premium every month. Credit card companies charge us fees when you use your card. We chare you $5 as a convenience for using the card.

Marital Status Discount: Get a discount based on your marital status – single, married, divorced or widowed. Each of these carry their own discount.

Current Carrier Discount: You get a discount with Nationwide based on the number of terms you’ve been with your current carrier. We reward you for your loyalty! The longer you’ve been with your current carrier, the better discount you will receive!

Enough about us – what about you? What matters most to you when it comes to auto insurance? Was this article helpful? Leave us your comments below.


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