Home Insurance


Your Home is Your Castle.  Let Us Help You Protect It!

Your home is where you lay your head at night!  Rest assured that we will cover you should you ever have a covered loss.  Let’s go over some important key features of the Home Insurance policy.

​Replacement Cost.  This is the estimated cost it would take in order to rebuild your home if you had a total loss.  The rebuild cost is based on several features of your home which can include how many kitchens and baths you have, the year your home was built, the number of garages that you have and so on.  All of the features of your home are used to calcuate the rebuild cost of your home. ​

This cost may be much higher than the actual value of your home so don’t be alarmed!  The cost to rebuild your home is totally different then how much your home would sell for if you put it on the market today!  Although property values have decreased, the cost of building materials has gone up!

​Personal Liability and Personal Injury Coverage.  Personal Liability covers bodily injury and property damage to others caused by your actions or negligence.  Personal Injury helps to pay for damages awarded to others due to injuries such a false arrest, slander, invasion of privacy, wrongful eviction, etc.  In the age of Facebook, this is definitely a valuable coverage to have.

​Replacement Cost Plus.  Call it inflation protection!  You can choose an additional 25% or 50% or Coverage A which is your Replacement cost coverage.  It will pay an additional amount if your rebuild limits aren’t enough.  For example, if there is a major weather catastrophe in your area, it may cause the cost of materials to rise due to the temporary increased demand.  This is an inexpensive yet valuble coverage to have!  In fact, we make sure all of our clients have this coverage!

Water Back-Up Coverage.  What if sewage from the neighborhood backed up into our home?  If you don’t have this coverage on your home insurance policy currently then you aren’t covered!  Adding this as a broad form to your Nationwide policy gives you an additional 5% of Coverage A which is your replacement cost.  This coverage protects you against any losses caused by water back up through sewers and drains.  This is not the same as flood insurance.  Please Contact Us or more information on flood insurance.

​We also cover your rental properties with our Dwelling Fire policies; Renter’s insurance if you are a renter and Condo Insurance if you are a condo owner.  Get A Quote for your home today!


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