Life Insurance

Life Comes at You Fast!  We have the recipe to protect your future!  Let’s chat about Life Insurance Today!

Life Insurance is all about you!  Let’s find a plan that meets your needs!​

​You may have life insurance through your employer and we encourage everyone to take it because of the inexpensive cost. However, should your employment terminate for whatever reason, then so will your life insurance.  Another reason to get insurance outside of your employer’s group coverage is because you may not have enough coverage.  Supplement your coverage with a Nationwide Life Insurance policy.

Nationwide YourLife Term II.  Term Life Insurance offers you a way to insure your needs temporarily at reasonable rates for the available terms of 10, 15, 20 and 30 years.  Just because this is a temporary policy, it doesn’t mean it can’t be permanent one day! These policies are easily converted into a Whole Life or Universal Life product.

Whole Life Insurance.  Whole Life Insurance is exactly as it sounds; it covers you for your whole life.  We have two Whole Life products: Nationwide YourLife 20-pay WL or Nationwide YourLife WL 100.  The only difference between the two is the length of time you choose to pay for the policy. The Nationwide YourLife 20-pay WL is paid in a 20 year timeframe.  The Nationwide YourLife WL 100 will be paid until age 100.  After the payment timeframe has passed, you won’t have to continue to pay for your policy, it will be guaranteed for your whole life.

​Some other features of a Whole Life policy is that your premiums will always be the same and you are guaranteed cash value which can be used as income replacement or for your final expense needs.  You can get a Whole Life policy with a benefit as low as $10,000.  The younger you are when you begin your Whole Life policy, the cheaper it will be on your budget in the long run!

Universal Life Insurance.  Think of Universal Life as having the best features of both the Term and Whole Life Insurance policies.  We have several very diverse Universal Life products with flexible premium payments, guaranteed death benefits, no-lapse guarantees and potential cash accumulation.

​Let us customize a Life Insurance Policy that would meet your own needs!  Get A Life Insurance Quote Today!


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