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Learn How to Snowball Your Way Out of Debt

Paying off credit cards systematically could get you out of debt faster. You’ve been faithfully paying on your credit cards for years, but you still haven’t made a dent. Maybe you’ve thought about contacting a credit counselor or debt settlement … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Rid Yourself of Debt

Don’t let your monthly balances gain on you—take action. There’s nothing good about credit card debt. It’s typically the highest interest-rate debt, it offers no tax advantages, and too much of it sinks your credit score. If you are barely … Continue reading

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Pay More Than the Minimum on Your Credit Cards

  A small payment increase can make a big impact on your debt. Anyone juggling debt knows the temptation to hand over just the minimum payment stated on a monthly credit card bill. But if you foresee a debt-free future, … Continue reading

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